Specialist vs generalist careers

The difference between a specialist and a generalist starts with your degree subject or qualification. For some disciplines, the career path is clearly indicated by the subject of study and a specialist would follow that path. Someone studying mechanical engineering, for example, becomes a mechanical engineer, a chemistry student becomes a chemist, a language student…

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Starting your career at an SME

Have you considered starting your career at an SME (small to medium-sized enterprise)? In graduate recruitment the spotlight is often on graduate schemes or jobs with large, multinational companies, mostly because they have a further reach and tend to be present at graduate fairs. Jobs at SMEs can be harder to find, even though there…

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career management

What is career management?

Your career is your journey through life, learning and work. Career management is about self-assessment, research and the structured planning, realisation and evaluation of that journey.Your career is nobody else’s responsibility but yours. If you want to succeed you need to actively manage it. Here are the core stages of career management: 1. Self-Assessment Firstly, you…

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