How to prepare for case interviews

A case interview is a type of interview in which a candidate is asked to analyse and solve a hypothetical business problem or brainteaser question. Case interviews are commonly used in the consulting sector, while investment banks and tech firms are also increasingly using them as part of their recruitment processes. The magic (or perhaps…

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BMS assessment day

How candidates are assessed at graduate assessment centres

Almost 60,00 Career Pulse assessments completed in Abintegro’s Career Centre have shown that students and graduates are not confident about working with recruiters.  To help address this, Abintegro’s Content Team recently spent the day at BMS Performance, a leading recruitment agency, assessing over 5,000 candidates each year for roles in sales, marketing, engineering and IT…

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10 Questions NOT to ask during an interview

It’s been going swimmingly; you’ve dazzled them with your experience, charmed them with your wit and personality and side-stepped any major banana skins. Just a few minutes stand between you and potential glory. Then that uncomfortable final hurdle: “are there any questions you’d like to ask?” By not giving any specific thought to what you…

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