What is Cultural Intelligence?

Our multicultural societies mean that we now live, study and work with people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. While this amalgamation of different perspectives, preferences and attitudes is often a source for innovation, creativity and growth, it’s not without its challenges either. To successfully navigate this cultural diversity we need to ensure…

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7 quick tips to develop your resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome challenges, find solutions, and identify alternatives by using the resources already at your disposal. It’s a brilliant attribute to have in life generally, but it’s also something businesses frequently look for in their employees because it’s vital for the key skill of adaptability.…

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How graduates should adjust for the workplace

Most university college graduates have spent a long time functioning and succeeding in the same environment, but that success may not translate to the workplace. This may be because the undergraduate environment has engendered certain attitudes and behaviours that are subtly wrong in a real, life job. Once a graduate recognises the adjustments that need…

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