Companies webinar

Effortlessly driving employee engagement

Are you apprehensive about implementing a system to support your learning and development objectives for fear that it will eat up more of your time or resources? 50% of what clients receive from Abintegro is the technology and learning tools, and 50% is our ongoing, on-tap consulting and training to enable clients to effortlessly drive…

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Early Talent Recruitment

Abintegro redefines how employers recruit early talent

Abintegro, the UK’s leading student career development platform, announces the launch of its Early Talent Recruiting Service, redefining the way graduate employers recruit. By removing the costs associated with advertising jobs and streamlining how employers engage with universities, Abintegro makes it possible for every employer to connect with over 75% of UK students and an…

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Abintegro webinar

How companies are using the Abintegro platform

Companies of all sizes use Abintegro in a variety of ways to meet specific employee development needs – from compliance training and showcasing career journeys, to developing custom onboarding programmes and creating a one-stop-shop for career development and support. This webinar will walk you through a number of ways companies are maximising the value of…

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