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Working alongside your careers team, the Career Centre provides your users with all the career preparation tools they need to succeed in today’s job market and connects them to millions of employers and job opportunities. Career advisors can evaluate CVs/resumes, enter notes, review job applications and interviews, access student activity data, and much more.

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Career Centre

The Career Centre can be accessed by your students, graduates and alumni via your VLE, intranet or manual login page. We brand the Career Centre with your logo and colours, adapt the navigation and content to meet your needs and add new content every week to keep your users engaged. And whether you want to show your management team online engagement statistics or run an employability award, the Career Centre administration features make it easy to customise the platform and achieve your careers team goals.


Industry standard single sign-on authentication options including Shibboleth and Active Directory.


No user/usage restrictions or hidden charges. Extend the Career Centre to all students, graduates and alumni without incremental cost.


Evaluate CVs/resumes, manage appointments, enter notes, review job applications and interviews, access student activity data..


Optimised for mobile devices and accessible to your students, graduates and alumni via your VLE, intranet or manual login page.


Branded with your institution’s logo and colour scheme to fit alongside your career service brand and other online resources.


Customised navigation, links, content, pages, welcome video and home page to meet your exact needs.

What our clients say

How Universities use Abintegro

Each year, Abintegro hosts its annual university conference. The theme of our most recent conference was developing and measuring employability, with a focus on sharing best practice within university career services. Representatives from 75 universities attended to discuss how to drive employability and improve outcomes. Learn more about the event.

Download the Conference Summary Brochure to read the best practice examples from 5 universities, see the latest Employability Index results and learn about the Abintegro updates announced during the conference.

Lancaster University

Providing a 24/7 careers service

“The customisable nature of Abintegro’s Career Centre effectively meets the individual needs of every single student that accesses it, and the fact that it is 24/7 is highly practical for a student community.”

Watch Matthew Howard, Undergraduate Careers Manager at Lancaster University, talk about the positive impact that the 24/7 online career service has had on their students.

Canterbury Christ Church University

Enabling small careers teams to have a big impact

“It has been a phenomenal eights months that has led to real employability benefits for our students. My small team have worked incredibly hard but none of this would be possible without the support and technical know-how of Abintegro.” Susan Odev, Head of Employability

Watch Andrew Lombart, Employability & Skills Officer, talk about how Canterbury Christ Church University are benefiting from working in partnership with Abintegro to enhance student employability.

Exeter College

Broadening students’ career aspirations

“Abintegro has been vital in enabling all our higher education students to be in control of their own destinies, whether that be leaving Devon or starting their own businesses – it has proven to be a very worthy tool.”

Watch Deborah Kearney from Exeter College talk about how the use of Abintegro’s Career Centre is encouraging students to open their minds to a wider range of career possibilities. Learn more about how we support colleges.

Nottingham Trent University

Delivering student support efficiently and at scale

“Abintegro is a very positive, forward thinking company that delivers many solutions that are, quite simple, ready to use straight away.”

Watch Paul Foreman, Information Advisor at Nottingham Trent University, talk about the elements of the platform having the greatest impact on student employability at Nottingham Trent University.

Latest News & Events

Online Employability Index

The Abintegro Online Employability Index compares the effort higher education institutions and students put into developing employability. The index compares 72 institutions based on 1.1 million activities from 112,000 students using the Abintegro Career Centre platform in a single year period.

The results are invaluable for understanding how to boost student employability and showing how data captured by a student’s digital footprint can be used for reporting purposes, allowing institutions to improve how they demonstrate their commitment to employability.

Download the full report by clicking the button below.