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By empowering every employee to take charge of their career development

Local Authorities

Our online career development platform “Gateway” is specifically designed to ensure all employees within an authority or council can own their personal career development.

Gateway is a dedicated, private, environment where your employees can work on their career development, resilience, well-being, transferable skills and, where needed, be supported through redeployment or transition. The platform includes 5000+ interactive tools, videos, eLearning assets and career assessments. Abintegro adapts and configures to meet your specific need, whether it’s supporting people through change, improving career resilience or developing transferable skills.

Our Clients

Career Gateway

Gateway gives your employees the tools and information they need to own their career development, and be motivated to do so. Accessed via your intranet, LMS or manual login page, Gateway is branded with your logo and colours, configured to meet your objectives and new content is added every week to keep your employees engaged.

Digital Career Coaching

A panel of professional career coaches, carefully selected for their expertise, deliver expert advice within 100s of short coaching films.

Career Assessments

Strong self-awareness can be gained via a wide range of assessments – from temperament, personality and emotional intelligence, to management skills, strengths and assertiveness.


E-Learning Resources

1000s of short, engaging e-learning assets structured across 6 categories: Career Development, Career Well-being, Transferable Skills, Managers & Leaders, Compliance and Career Transition.

Career Tools

Interactive career tools including career confidence diagnostic, personal development planner, elevator pitch builder, interview simulator and an automated CV review.

Career Framework

Showcase your own career framework, journeys and staff success stories using the content management function, or use our expert team to help visualise this for you.

Impact Measurement

Track employee confidence across core career competencies and see the impact on employee confidence at a macro and granular level.

What our clients say

Learning Resources

Gateway contains 5000+ interactive resources to support career development, wellbeing, transferable skills, managers & leaders, compliance and redeployment & transition. We know eLearning can be boring, so we create interactive tools, assessments, videos and short eLearning assets designed to engage the 2020 mobile, virtual workforce.

From expert advice and videos, to articles, tools, assessments and programmes, every employee can access content to meet their specific learning needs.

Here are extracts from content currently available in Gateway.

Our contributor panel of professional career coaches, with over 250 years’ combined experience, continually deliver expert advice to employees within e-learning resources.

 Career questions to ask yourself

 Preparing for internal interviews

 Receiving feedback positively

 Coping with stress and pressure

 Becoming a first time manager

 Developing your resilience

 Recognising strengths & weaknesses

 How to set up a mentor relationship

 Why career conversations matter

 Importance of owning your career

 The right onboarding mindset

 Importance of career management

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