Drive Member Engagement

By placing career development at the heart of your member proposition

Membership Organisations

The Abintegro online Career Centre platform helps you engage, retain and attract new members by placing their careers at the heart of your membership offering.

The Career Centre provides your members with interactive career tools, assessments, e-learning and career exploration resources, specifically designed to build core employability skills and empower members to take charge of their own career development.

Our Clients

Career Centre

Customised to your needs, the Career Centre is made accessible to your members via your member website. Your members access the tools and e-learning, whilst alerts and continuous content additions ensure they return frequently. The inbuilt tracking tools measure all activity and support you in driving continuously improving online member engagement.


Optimised for mobile devices and accessible to your members at work or from home, 24×7, via your member website or manual login page.


Branded with your institution’s logo and colour scheme to fit alongside your membership brand and other online resources.


Customised navigation, links, content, pages, welcome video and home page to meet your exact needs.


Industry standard single sign-on authentication options including Microsoft Azure AD.


No user/usage restrictions or hidden charges. Extend the Career Centre to all member types without incremental cost.


Understand member career aspirations, topics of interest, and engagement levels.

What our clients say

How clients use Abintegro

Our recent Client Forum saw 30+ membership organisations join us for a morning of sharing of best practice and discussions focused on driving member engagement by placing career development at the heart of the membership proposition.

Attendees had the chance to gain valuable insight from IOSHAMBACILEX and The Security Institute. Watch the talks from the day and learn more about how membership organisations use our Career Centre platform to help them put career development at the heart of their member proposition.

Career Centre Features

Updated every week with new features and content, the Abintegro Career Centre is used by over 2 million people in 195 countries to improve their employability and job search outcomes.

Digital Advice & Guidance

1,500 employer films deliver the latest employability and job search advice direct from hiring managers.

Career Assessments

Including motivation, personality, workplace culture and resilience assessments with reports highlighting practical career considerations.

E-Learning Resources

Covering critical areas, such as, handling interviews, researching employers, networking, working with recruiters, e-hirability and self employment.

Career Tools

Suite of interactive tools including CV/Resume builder, career planner, interview simulator, job search engine, psychometric/aptitude tests.

Career Service Automation

Appointment/event booking, file storage, note taking, activity tracking/reporting, CV/Resume review, job posting and careers CRM.


Integrate to a VLE/intranet or deploy resources directly into your web pages. Adapt the branding, content and navigation to suit your clients.
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Download our Career Centre Brochure to learn about all the functionality of our career development platform to help you place career development at the heart of your member proposition.