Drive jobseeker engagement

By placing digital servicing at the heart of your employability support

Skills and Employability

The Abintegro online Career Centre helps organisations delivering Skills and Employability programmes to improve their employment outcomes, increase customer engagement and drive efficiency.

Adapted to meet your operational need, the Career Centre delivers a personalised environment for your customers to access and apply to jobs, create their CV, practice interviewing, take self- assessments and learn from the hundreds of employability skills e-learning courses.

Career Centre

The Career Centre is a flexible, customisable, platform that can cost-effectively support your employability programmes, from employer CRM to case management to interactive e-learning content to job search resources, tracking and reporting.


Optimised for mobile devices and accessible to your clients and consultants via your website, existing systems or manual login page.


Branded with your company’s logo and colour scheme and the option to create an unlimited number of branded client themes for different projects.


Customised navigation, links, content, pages, welcome video and home page to meet your exact needs.

Mapped to your process

Create different views mapped to each of your packages or even the specific needs of one client.


No user/usage restrictions or hidden charges. Extend the Career Centre to all your clients and consultants without incremental cost.


Full CRM functionality, secure document management, real-time reporting, tracking and programme customisation.

Our Clients

For the last 10 years, Abintegro has been the trusted technology partner to hundreds of organisations, ensuring their digital solution engages their customers and keeps them ahead of their competition. Our clients include:

Driving Jobseeker Engagement

In today’s increasingly digital world of work, the importance of driving jobseeker engagement online is critical for achieving employability outcomes. Abintegro’s Career Centre platform offers a personalised and highly interactive environment that’s continually developed and modernised to provide a best-in-class user experience. See below for a snapshot of how Abintegro’s Career Centre platform is driving jobseeker engagement for employability providers (read our case study for full details).

Delivery outcomes in a 12-month period:

90,000 job search & employability activities completed
Average user logged in 4 times per month, completing 8 activities per visit
10% increase in average user job-readiness confidence

Delivery outcomes over a 48-month period:

2.8 million job search & employability activities completed
Average user logged in 3 times per month, completing 12 activities per visit
13% increase in average user job-readiness confidence
Career Centre Features

Updated every week with new features and content, the Abintegro Career Centre is used by over 2 million people in 195 countries to improve their employability and job search outcomes.

Jobseeker tools

Suite of interactive tools including CV/Resume builder, AI-powered CV review, career planner, interview simulator, job search engine, psychometric/aptitude tests.

Digital Advice & Guidance

1,500 employer films deliver the latest employability and job search advice direct from hiring managers.

E-Learning Resources

Covering critical areas, such as, handling interviews, researching employers, networking, working with recruiters, e-hirability and self employment.


Including motivation, personality, workplace culture and resilience assessments with reports highlighting practical career considerations.

Automated Service Delivery

Appointment/event booking, file storage, note taking, activity tracking/reporting, CV/Resume review, posting and employability CRM.

Impact reporting & ROI

Download visual reports showing engagement, activity and learning impact/progression to demonstrate ROI to your clients.
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