Driving student employability engagement

Fashion Retail Academy, located in London, partnered with Abintegro two years ago to make a measurable difference to the employability of all their FE students. Theresa Chambers, Careers Manager at the Fashion Retail Academy, recently shared insight into how the college has achieved incredibly high levels of student engagement with its online careers and employability support. Aligned…


Employability case study

Supercharging jobseeker engagement for employability providers

In today’s increasingly digital world of work, the importance of driving jobseeker engagement online is critical for achieving employability outcomes. Abintegro’s Career Centre platform offers a personalised and highly interactive environment that’s continually developed and modernised to provide a best-in-class user experience. See below for examples of how Abintegro’s Career Centre platform is driving jobseeker…


De Montfort University

How Career Pulse is instrumental in student career development

DeMontfort University use Career Pulse, our capability for measuring employability, to enable their students to visualise their career development journey and assess their strengths and weaknesses, helping them develop the self-awareness needed to reach their full potential. “It’s a great resource as students can visualise the journey they are on, assessing the strengths and weaknesses,…