How to prepare for case interviews

A case interview is a type of interview in which a candidate is asked to analyse and solve a hypothetical business problem or brainteaser question. Case interviews are commonly used in the consulting sector, while investment banks and tech firms are also increasingly using them as part of their recruitment processes. The magic (or perhaps…


Abintegro Client Forum for Membership Organisations

Upcoming Client Forum specifically for membership organisations

Abintegro is delighted to confirm its first Client Forum specifically for membership organisations and associations. Ideal for membership managers, the forum’s theme will focus on driving member engagement by putting career development at the heart of the membership proposition. Attendees will gain valuable best practice insight from a range of fantastic organisations, including the Institution…


What is an apprenticeship?

For generations apprenticeships have been a tried and tested – though sometimes overlooked – entry route into a number of industries and occupations. An apprenticeship is work experience that comes with pay, training and a qualification. Apprenticeships typically last between one and four years and are usually regulated by the government. This ensures that participants…


Office space

What to do on the first day in your new job

Whether fresh-faced student/graduate or battle-hardened professional, those first few hours of a new job or internship are often among the most stressful and daunting of our working lives. There are new bosses to impress, umpteen co-workers’ names to remember, IT networks to get your head around and chunky induction packs to plough through. If that…


De Montfort University

How Career Pulse is instrumental in student career development

DeMontfort University use Career Pulse, our capability for measuring employability, to enable their students to visualise their career development journey and assess their strengths and weaknesses, helping them develop the self-awareness needed to reach their full potential. “It’s a great resource as students can visualise the journey they are on, assessing the strengths and weaknesses,…