Business planning

Top tips for taking initiative at work

‘Proactive’, ‘can-do attitude’, ‘self-starter’: you’ve probably come across these words and phrases in more than one job description. They’re all about showing initiative. But what does that really mean? Showing initiative is showing a willingness to get things done and take responsibility. In the workplace, someone with initiative might: pre-empt what might happen and take sensible, productive action…


Abintegro Webinar

Client Case Study: Our first year of using Abintegro

Abintegro’s Career Centre supports over 70% of UK universities in improving student employability. Robert Gordon University implemented Abintegro’s Career Centre last year and have kindly agreed to take part in our upcoming webinar aimed at providing insight into using Abintegro. Paul Matthews, the university’s Head of Employability and Professional Enrichment, will walk through the first year…


job search

8 tips to speed up your job search

Has your job hunt not been yielding the results you’d like? Or are things moving at a slower pace than you’d hoped? If so, it might be time to re-evaluate how you’ve been approaching your search so far. Looking for work can be time-consuming, but putting in the hours will eventually pay off. The half-hearted…


Nottingham Trent University Case Study

How Nottingham Trent University increased student activities by 66%

Nottingham Trent University has increased overall student engagement with their Career Centre by increasing e-learning resources, expanding their award offering and improving award administration and validation. Activities have included the following: Single sign-on that integrates with graduate sign-on Implementation of a landing page for their Acceler8 and employability awards Implementation of award-specific mini-programmes (which Career…



10 Questions NOT to ask during an interview

It’s been going swimmingly; you’ve dazzled them with your experience, charmed them with your wit and personality and side-stepped any major banana skins. Just a few minutes stand between you and potential glory. Then that uncomfortable final hurdle: “are there any questions you’d like to ask?” By not giving any specific thought to what you…


career management

What is career management?

Your career is your journey through life, learning and work. Career management is about self-assessment, research and the structured planning, realisation and evaluation of that journey.Your career is nobody else’s responsibility but yours. If you want to succeed you need to actively manage it. Here are the core stages of career management: 1. Self-Assessment Firstly, you…



How graduates should adjust for the workplace

Most university college graduates have spent a long time functioning and succeeding in the same environment, but that success may not translate to the workplace. This may be because the undergraduate environment has engendered certain attitudes and behaviours that are subtly wrong in a real, life job. Once a graduate recognises the adjustments that need…


New job

How being the newbie can be an advantage

Ah – those new job jitters. Whether just starting out as a graduate or transitioning to a new role, being the new kid on the block can certainly be daunting and it’s not uncommon to feel out of one’s comfort zone in those early days. Sometimes leaving your comfort zone behind is a good thing,…



The content of your CV: what to include?

The first thing you need to ask yourself when writing your CV is what you are going to include. Both hiring managers and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) have certain expectations around CV content. So which sections do you need in your CV and what content do you need to include in each section? 1. Contact…