Why employers value international experience

Studying abroad can be great for your personal development, but it can also help you stand out to employers. However, many graduates who have international experience neglect to highlight this when they start looking for jobs, perhaps because they’re unsure how to talk about it. So, what makes international students so unique in the eyes…


What is Cultural Intelligence?

Our multicultural societies mean that we now live, study and work with people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. While this amalgamation of different perspectives, preferences and attitudes is often a source for innovation, creativity and growth, it’s not without its challenges either. To successfully navigate this cultural diversity we need to ensure…


Academic webinar

Client Case Study: Our first year of using Abintegro

Abintegro’s Career Centre supports over 70% of UK universities in improving student employability. Robert Gordon University implemented Abintegro’s Career Centre last year and have kindly agreed to take part in our upcoming webinar aimed at providing insight into using Abintegro. Paul Matthews, the university’s Head of Employability and Professional Enrichment, will walk through the first year…


GRB and Abintegro partnership

Meet the Employer – student webinars in partnership with GRB

Abintegro is delighted to announce a partnership with GRB, the UK’s leading independent, graduate recruitment consultancy, to broadcast webinars from graduate employers to a potential audience of 1.5m UK students and 500 careers service staff. From today, Abintegro’s university clients have exclusive access to the latest graduate recruitment advice for students, directly from employers within…


Career edge and abintegro partnership

Abintegro digitises CareerEDGE+ employability model

Through an exclusive partnership, CareerEDGE+, the globally recognised model for developing graduate employability, has been fully digitised in Abintegro’s Career Centre platform. Created in 2007 by chartered Psychologists and graduate employability professionals, Dr Lorraine Dacre Pool and Dr Peter Sewell, CareerEDGE is a globally recognised model for developing graduate employability used by hundreds of universities…


7 quick tips to develop your resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome challenges, find solutions, and identify alternatives by using the resources already at your disposal. It’s a brilliant attribute to have in life generally, but it’s also something businesses frequently look for in their employees because it’s vital for the key skill of adaptability.…


How yoga can boost career well-being & performance

Yoga is a form of exercise that combines breathing exercises, physical postures, relaxation and meditation. It has taken the health and fitness sector by storm in recent years, with more and more people now using it as a way to support their physical, mental and emotional well-being. There are several reasons behind yoga’s popularity. Not…


Early Talent Recruitment

Abintegro redefines how employers recruit early talent

Abintegro, the UK’s leading student career development platform, announces the launch of its Early Talent Recruiting Service, redefining the way graduate employers recruit. By removing the costs associated with advertising jobs and streamlining how employers engage with universities, Abintegro makes it possible for every employer to connect with over 75% of UK students and an…