Lancaster University

The customisable nature of Abintegro’s Career Centre effectively meets the individual needs of every single student that accesses it, and the fact that it is 24/7 is highly practical for a student community. The resources and information in Career Centre has freed up a great deal of time for our careers team, enabling us to focus on supporting students with more niche support needs.

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Nottingham Trent University

Abintegro is a very positive, forward-thinking organisation, which delivers many solutions that are easy and ready to use. Through e-learning, many students are reached giving them access to helpful guidance, unlocking many more doors in their career development.

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What we love about our platform is the breadth of resources focussed on personal and career development but also well-being, which is one of our most popular topics.

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Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD)

CIPD career hub, provided by Abintegro, forms part of our career services and tools for our members. We are impressed by the quality and breadth of the career resources provided by Abintegro, and are delighted to be able to provide these very practical tools for our members to help them manage their next career step.

University of Bristol

University of Bristol’s access to Abintegro provides Bristol students with insider company information to help them research employers to decide whether to apply for a vacancy as well as preparing for employers’ selection processes. Bristol students are keen to learn more about graduate employment opportunities and how best to find and gain a job. Abintegro helps Bristol students improve their employability.

Baxi Heating

The Abintegro platform was easy to set up and is self-sustaining, so there is no nasty workload impact on our team, and this enables us to focus on other initiatives to support the career development and satisfaction within Baxi Heating.

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Lloyd’s Register

Employees love it and engage. Whenever we have sessions where we show the platform, we receive very positive feedback. We are now creating programmes of activity explicitly for managers.

International SOS

Working with Abintegro has enabled us to scale the support you would expect to receive from a career coach via 1-2-1 sessions.

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Permanent Tsb

Permanent Tsb selected Abintegro’s Career Platform service to launch its Career Families and align them with PTSB business’s Core Competencies. Abintegro is a great company to work with, particularly because the project was a lot quicker than expected. Now, two years on, employee engagement is still strong. We definitely recommend Abintegro to other companies.

The Security Institute

The Abintegro Team are incredibly friendly and professional and are a genuine pleasure to work with. We feel very well supported and are proactively informed about any new product developments and the latest content updates.

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University of Exeter

Working with Abintegro is really helping us to support students in improving their employability learning gain and career planning and we have been highly impressed with the tools they provide to help us drive student engagement.

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Manchester Metropolitan University

We have used Career Centre to deliver programmers at scale and have trialled a Credit Bearing programme for final year students, with 10% of marks attributed to undertaking the programmes. We found this really significantly impacted engagement with the programmes, with 82% of students completing the programmes, and we intend to build on this moving forward.

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Plymouth Marjon University

Plymouth Marjon University is centred on student success and the individual student journey. Abintegro’s Career Centre 360 enables us not only to utilise the excellent career and employability resources already on offer, but also utilise specific tools – Programme Manager, Careers Pulse and CV Review, to fully understand each student’s employability and career journey and their personal distance travelled. Marjon are delighted to be adopting this service.

Birmingham City University

We have found the vast range of resources available to students and staff very useful and the fact it’s accessible 24/7 is fantastic. Abintegro’s Career Centre can be tailored to meet the needs of every student, and the features within Career Centre enable us to further personalise the support we offer to our students.

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Brent Council

In our review of the learning and development offer, we noticed a significant under usage of the total offer that was in place. Abintegro worked with us to implement a simple solution that saw a very significant increase in uptake of the learning opportunities available on the site. With its engaging design and easy to access pathways, we have had very positive feedback from the business.

University of the West of England, Bristol

We have started using Career Centre’s Career Pulse and Programme Manager to help us effectively embed employability throughout the curriculum, enabling students to successfully prepare for the world of work.

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DeMontfort University

Career Centre is great as it provides an online solution and interactive careers provision all in one place. We particularly value the Career Pulse tool as it allows students to visualize the journey they’re on and the progression they have made in terms of developing their employability skills.

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Arden University

We are now measuring student employability development using Abintegro, enabling us to better understand student confidence levels across core career drivers, and providing an evidence-based approach to determining interventions and shaping a more personalised student Careers and Employability experience. Abintegro are great to work with and we are looking forward to progression opportunity and life transformative interventions for our students.

Adare International

Our usage is a good mix of employees making use of Abintegro e-learning and our own resources, some mandated, and we continue to reference ‘MyPathway’ on all HR communications.

West London NHS Trust

We have been very impressed with the quality of the Abintegro platform, providing our workforce with access to a range of elearning, assessment tools and articles each supporting our staff in their personal development and career planning. It’s easy to see why it’s a must for any learning organisation.

University of Suffolk

Abintegro is a responsive company that always values your ideas and considers how they can work with you to achieve them. Abintegro’s Career Centre is a 24-hour one-stop-shop that is open seven days a week where our students go for continual support and growth in their career and employability development.

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Dorset Council

We were faced with a significant change as Dorset Council replaced six existing councils on 1st April. It was identified that career management would be the key focus of support for staff, particularly during this period of uncertainty. Abintegro has enabled us to provide our staff with a contemporary platform of flexible support, accessible to all regardless of their location or hours of work. We have been very impressed with the high level of customer service and professionalism throughout the whole setting up process, and ongoing support and guidance.

University of Buckingham

Over the last couple of years we are finding that employers who used to come in to speak to our students about the graduate recruitment process, interviews, CVs & applications etc aren’t able to visit because of their own budget cuts. Matrix assessors look at our involvement with employers and the Abintegro videos, with actual graduate employers that our students can view in their own time, as a way of us getting over this hurdle.

Ealing Council

Working with Abintegro enabled Ealing Council to extend premium, online career development resources to the entire workforce in a very simple and cost-effective way as part of an approach to blended and flexible learning. Abintegro worked with our Learning Management System provider to enable staff to access all corporate learning resources through a single sign on experience. The resources are available 24/7, 365 days a year, from any device with internet access. We are very excited about how Abintegro’s online career resources are helping us transform the quality of the career development support we provide to Ealing Council employees.



We chose Abintegro because they have a proven track record of delivering demand-led solutions in the UK. They have access to a range of high quality employers who can specify the needs to help candidates find the right jobs for them. The Abintegro team are hugely passionate about what they do, they are extremely responsive and they really understand our market and the business we operate in.

Exeter College

Abintegro is an incredibly innovative company who are always updating the platform and adding topical resources to further enhance the student experience. Being in Devon, many of our students struggled with accessibility and didn’t have the aspiration to get graduate jobs as there isn’t the opportunities. However, the resources in Career Centre have increased student confidence and enabled them to envisage their dream graduate jobs. As a result of this, more students are getting better graduate roles and the jobs they deserve.

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OI Global Partners

The new platform provides multiple tools to outplacement candidates and more tracking and reporting capabilities to our coaches and client companies. OI Global Partners has a state-of-the-art platform, customised to our exact requirements, that readily enables us to expand to meet tomorrow’s needs.

Right Management

To ensure we provide the people we support with access to the latest and most appropriate job search tools and resources, I am delighted that Abintegro are supporting our online outplacement solutions.

Leeds Beckett University

The Abintegro Careers Portal provides a multi media resource of largely employer sourced career planning employability and employer information which is accessible, attractive and easy to use. One particular strength is that content can be reconfigured, supplemented and localised if required or used ‘straight off the shelf’… The staff team at Abintegro are helpful, flexible and responsive in supporting an excellent product which represents good value for money.

Canterbury Christ Church University

We are a small careers team with relatively limited resources available to use. This is where Abintegro has been brilliant. Career Centre allows students to realise where they are in terms of employability, and the areas in which they can improve on through resources such as Career Pulse. Career Centre enables us to keep track of important activities such as interviews and the various employers that have approached students – ultimately allowing us to provide a personalised level of support to every student.

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Renovo Employment Group

Renovo chose to work with Abintegro as we were looking for a media rich careers platform that was powerful in terms of content, easy to use and had a high degree of flexibility. Almost more important to us, was a provider who was willing to spend the time to understand our needs, be prepared to do the unusual and have the ability to respond quickly to our requests. So far, our initial impressions have been substantiated and we look forward to working ever more closely with them in the future.


Abintegro Gateway provides an essential employee career development benefit for G4S via its award winning Global Career Centre environment. Abintegro Gateway takes employee engagement and career development support to a new level to maintain G4S’s position as an employer of choice and progressive employer in the global services sector, driving value to our clients though our employees.


We have been extremely pleased – our online engagement has increased ten-fold with the use of Abintegro. The rich wealth of content available on the portal, to read and practice with, has ensured that information our student have access to, is contemporary as well as interactive. The very premise of Birkbeck is that we are a bespoke university and the careers service is designed to be a bespoke offering for each student and to have a product that works with this same value is of utmost importance. We like the way in which the information can be made tailor made for our students.

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University of Huddersfield

The Abintegro platform (branded at Huddersfield as MyCareer) has proved to be a very positive addition to our suite of services. As a relatively small careers service, with a large and diverse student body, both the scalability and accessibility of these self-directed career tools has meant a huge increase in engagement levels with students, without the added pressure on our time and staffing. The Abintegro team themselves have been wonderful from the outset and have demonstrated their willingness to go the extra mile in terms of making sure we maximise the full potential of their products. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them over the last couple of years and we look forward to many more years of partnership and collaboration.

Canterbury Christ Church University

We were looking for something different – a new way of getting the message across to our students and we’ve found it with Abintegro. They cover a wide number of subjects in a very effective way. We were thinking about creating our own, but using Abintegro means that they have been made by professionals to a high standard which has freed us up to concentrate on supporting our students.

Swansea University

We have very much appreciated the positive support provided by Abintegro, our students, (and staff) have benefited from very well designed training materials. Abintegro provides a professional service that is very in tune with the needs of fast moving careers and employability teams in higher education institutions. Abintegro is a market leader.

Lee Hecht Harrison Penna

Abintegro’s willingness to spend time listening to our requirements, making recommendations and challenging their own thinking enables us to enjoy a genuine partnership, creating great resources for our clients. Penna does not dictate and Abintegro does not specify – mutual input, benefit and responsiveness summarises our experience of working together.